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  • 17.4.2017 (21:34)

    Nice done Peter. I heard you could see the videos from Tony’s live in your database. Well, when this is a fact (what I assume) it would be nice when you would send me a mail.
    I am/ was a renegade Reichsdeutscher Kommandant.
    Tony is a good soul.
    Penny is nice too, her Wallküren-aspect heals her more than you thought. Out of victim mode, back to wholeness.
    Elena is just lovely. She has a great heart too. All three of them are the Speerspitze of truth.
    Coorey is also the icebreaker deluxe.

    To business:

    I am under permanent energybombardment but ready and steady to go. I like your humor.
    I am hessian/prussian german and living in north germany.
    I am aware of multiple synchronous incarnations and as a libra I am balancing out and heal.
    The Reichsdeutschen are a counterbalance to all the truely horiffic beings, stay in touch with your friends, go to bed with your enemy. (Even when it’s Lilith herself.)
    1.learn 2.progress 3.implement

    I want to help, because I can.

    I give you my personal permission to check me. (Be warned) 😉

    Joachim Peter Cornelius Niderehe male heterosexual
    born in Bremen (north germany) 11.10.1979
    – aware of angelic origin, aware of demonic heritage
    – operating at all sides at once

    When you can send me a mail



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